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White Glove Installers is looking for the best of the best contractors who can see the wisdom in teaming up to create new business. We have products that need to be installed, you have the manpower/installers. Our starting territory is California. Join us as we create a force to be proud of.

Our two main products are, Safe Room Beds as seen on Shark Tank & Safe Rooms.
The Safe Room Beds range from $400-$700 pay to install. Installation time for a two-person crew 2-4 hours.
Safe Rooms depend on the size & manpower needed. Most Safe Rooms will be Installed in our local schools. Whether you have children or not this is a venture to be proud of.

If you are a licensed contractor in good standings, please take a moment and give us your contact information. After we talk if you are not interested, we will delete your Info. It’s that easy.

Thank you for helping us help you.


The Ultimate California

Safety and Protection Solution

We are so excited to be the premier dealer in California for the amazing Vortex Vault Shelter Bed, as seen on ABC’s Shark Tank. We are now looking for independent contractors to install this innovative Safe Room in new or existing homes.  If you build new homes, add this feature to your new homes to keep your clients safe. We are getting lots of leads from the national attention with customers ready to install this life-saving room under a bed, but we need quality installers to put them in and builders who want to add this life-saving feature to their new homes.

Most Innovative Earthquake/Safe/Panic Room to Date

This is the most accessible Safe Room on the market. It is quickly installed under your client’s own twin, full, queen or king-sized mattress and bedding. No one has to leave their bedroom to access this multi-purpose Safe Room that can withstand earthquakes (with the equivalent of a loaded cement truck being dropped on top of it at 60,000 lb. crush value), EF5 tornado and hurricane winds speeds up to 250 miles per hour, bullet-proof for home invasions and it protects your valuables and irreplaceable items. It exceeds the FEMA guidelines.

Contractors Needed

Contractors in California who want to offer this option to their clients simply contact us. Keeping families safe from multiple threats in their own home is a life-saving option to be able to offer your clients. The Life Lift Vortex Vault Shelter Beds are easy to install and are a necessary option in new construction. The safe rooms are hidden until needed and take up no needed floor space. They also make a great hidden safe for valuables.

Contractors Needed to Installation Referrals

If you are an Independent Contractor and would like to install this quick and easy-to-install Shelter Bed in existing homes please fill out the contact form. Rest assured you are giving your client a multi-purpose safe room that will protect from danger.

Contact us to learn more about installations or having this option to add to the California homes you build. The more options you offer, the more your client will be pleased and the more money you can make. There’s nothing like saving lives and getting paid for it!

If you click on the link below and truly don’t agree that our product is one of the coolest and most innovative products that you have seen in a long time, the first drink is on me.

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